“Brookie Spokes” Fly Reel Pendant (20mm)

“Brookie Spokes” Fly Reel Pendant (20mm)

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“Brookie Spokes” Fly Reel Pendant (20mm)

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Product Description

This is the Sterling Silver Unisex 20mm “Brookie Spokes” Fly Reel Pendant. I combined the small version of the Brook Trout on top of the 20mm “Spokes” Fly Reel. This was done in the wax and then another mold was made to create this new and unique look. This is a new look that is only available in the larger scaled fly reel pendants at 20mm. This piece makes quite the statement!

This design concept is available with the Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and the Yellowstone Cutthroat. There is also the “Steely” Rainbow Trout Head on this same 20mm “Spokes” fly reel as another variation.

Due to it’s bold look and weight it is best worn on the 3mm Leather Cords and the heavy 2.5mm Snake Chain.

For the women, you can pair this pendant with a set of trout earring to go with it, or the 14mm “Spokes” Fly Reel Dangle Earrings.

This fly reel pendant is available in 14K White or Yellow Gold too. All Gold order need a min of 2-3 weeks to process. I can also look into a few gold chain options for you if needed. Just call Renee at 419-535-8888 or email at Renee@tighlinesjewelry.com to further discuss.


This “Brookie Spokes” fly reel pendant would be beautiful with either the trout or the whole piece enamel painted. The option to purchase this in the enamel painted version is available in it’s own grouping. Go to Home page and click: ALL ENAMEL PAINTED PIECES and click the ENAMEL FISH PENDANTS drop down box and you will find it in there. It adds $50 to paint the fish and if wanted the whole thing painted it adds $150 You can choose your color of fly reel too!

I am a custom jewelry designer and can do special order and custom design work.

Additional Information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Cord or Chain Options

3mm Leather Cord, 3mm Braided Leather Cord, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, 1.6mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, None


16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, None