“S” Handle Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

“S” Handle Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

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"S" Handle Fly Reel Lapel on Hat (9mm)

“S” Handle Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

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Product Description

This is the 9mm “S” Handle Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack.

It’s the same casting as in the earrings and the bracelet charm.  A larger version at 14mm and 20mm are available as pendants. It’s a very versatile piece of jewelry. You can dress up your fishing hat, or your shirt collar or vest or even wear it as a small tie tack. If you both fish, you can share it!

The other option is the highlighted version where I use black enamel paint on the handle.  I feel the design really “POPS” with more character and dimension.  It only adds $10 to the price. Check the photo gallery of samples of the highlighted version. Photos coming soon.

All work is guaranteed.

It’s available in 14K White or Yellow Gold, please allow 2-3 weeks as all gold pieces are made to order.

Additional Information


Sterling Silver, 14K White, 14K Yellow Gold

Weight and Measurements

This fly reel weighs approx. 1.1 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 1.5 grams in 14K Gold, It measures 9mm x 5mm

Highlighted Option

Highlighted Version, Original Version