“Spokes” Fly Reel Charm (14mm)(Fish-Aura Series)

“Spokes” Fly Reel Charm (14mm)(Fish-Aura Series)


"Spokes" Fly Reel Charm at 14mm

“Spokes” Fly Reel Charm (14mm)(Fish-Aura Series)

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Product Description

This is the 14mm scaled version of the “Spokes” Fly Reel Charm. It is also available at a smaller version at 9mm.

This is the first fly reel design that is now available for those “infamous” charm bracelets. It will slide on any of the various bracelet designs in the industry.

I have named this series of charms, that slide on the bracelets and pendants, “Fish-Aura”. There are a number of designs in the works.

The reel is the same as in the 14mm earring and pendant collections with a special bail to slide onto the bracelets. It is available alone or on the 2.8mm Sterling Silver Snake Charm Bracelet being offered here. The bail opening is 5mm wide.

I have created this series of charms for these styles of bracelets and pendants due to such a high request rate.

This is available in 14K White or Yellow Gold, but made to order, so please allow a minimum of 2 weeks.

Additional Information


Non-Tarnishing Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Charm only or on bracelet

Charm only, Bracelet and Charm

Weight & Measurements

It measures 14mm x 5.35mm and weighs approx. 2.7 gr. in SS and approx. 3.65 gr. in 14K Gold