“Spokes” Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

“Spokes” Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

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9mm "Spokes" Lapel/Tie Tack

“Spokes” Fly Reel Lapel/Tie Tack (9mm)

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Product Description

This is the “Spokes” Fly Reel lapel pin or tie tack at 9mm.

It is a versatile piece of jewelry for men and women. If you are a couple that fishes together, she can wear it as a lapel in her hat one day, and then he can use it as a small tie tack.

It looks great on a shirt pocket or lapel, polar fleece jacket, tie, vest or hat. It measures 9mm x 3.2mm

Gold orders need min. 2 weeks.

Additional Information


Non-Tarnishing Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Weight and dimensions

9mm x 3.2mm, Approx. .7 grams in SS and 1 gram in 14K Gold