About Renee

Renee Schatzley Gall is a professional jewelry designer and gemologist with over 30 years in the jewelry business. For 33 years she worked in the family retail jewelry store where she created many “One-of-a-Kind” custom designs. She is still active doing custom work in all forms of jewelry.

As her father was ready to step down and retire in 2012, she opted to close the “brick and mortar” store and work from home. She has now blended all her years in the jewelry industry with her passion for fly fishing. She is a strong advocate for “Catch & Release” and her desire to protecting the waters and fisheries has always been a part of her life.

The avid angler can agree that fishing is a passion, a way of escaping the hustle and bustle that life tends to be. We can escape into nature with the trees and rocks, on a stream or on a lake and become one with Mother Nature.

One of her favorite things to do is take her fishing kayak out onto a quiet lake and be one with the water. She loves the connection to the water; listening to the nature sounds, such as the birds and the frogs, and frequently a dragonfly stops by for a visit. Casting a fly rod with it’s graceful flow through the air and trying her luck for a rising fish is a form of meditation to her. She stays in the moment of what is happening around her. Her mind stays focused on one thing and doesn’t wander.