Arctic Grayling Fish-On Pendant | Enameled

Arctic Grayling Fish-On Pendant | Enameled




This is the hand enamel painted Arctic Grayling Fish-On Pendant in Sterling Silver.

The Arctic Grayling was once native to northern Michigan, yet has  gone extinct, due to lumbering and over fishing in the last century.  They are working on bringing the Grayling back to areas in Michigan.   It is found in a few places within the United States. There are small populations of it out West and in Alaska, Canada & Scotland.

The unusual shaped and colorful dorsal fin is what is the unique feature of this species.

The bale is created by a wire wrap mimicking the fly line coming from the side of the fish’s mouth and curling up and soldered to the back of the dorsal fin. The line then curves upwards and coils around the cord or chain of your choice.  I offer it on a 3mm Black Braided and Smooth Leather Cord and also on a 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain.

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16", 18", 20", 22", 24", None

Chain or Cord

None, 3mm Black Leather Cord, 3mm Black Braided Leather Cord, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Weight & Dimensions

This Arctic Grayling Fish-On Pendant weighs approx. 6.3 grams and measures 36mm in length