Arctic Grayling Wire Loop Earrings

Arctic Grayling Wire Loop Earrings




This is the Arctic Grayling Wire Loop Earring.  The photo shown is of the Highlighted version.

Once native to northern Michigan (near me), but has now gone extinct due to lumbering in the last century.  They are still found in a few places within the United States. There are small populations of it out west and you can find it in pretty good abundance in Alaska.

The unusual shaped, colorful dorsal fin is what is the unique feature of this species.

There are 3 versions available.  The Original Version has a black enamel painted eye.  The Highlighted version has more black enamel paint to highlight the details.  The other option is the fully enamel painted version.  In the photo gallery you can see all the options.  If you have a photo of a special catch and want to honor it’s beauty in a pendant, I can mimic the colors and markings from your photo.

All gold orders and any enamel painted versions need min 2 weeks.  These are made to order.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Weight and Dimensions

21mm x 19mm, Approx. 8.1 grams in SS and approx. 11.3 grams in 14K Gold


Original Version, Highlighted Version, Enamel Painted Version