Bluegill/Sunfish Dangle Earrings

Bluegill/Sunfish Dangle Earrings




This is the Bluegill/Sunfish Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver.  The photo is the original version.

The Bluegill/Sunfish/Bream is one of the most popular fish with so many varieties. They are so beautiful!

Their beauty is stunning with their variations to their colors and markings. They are a favorite fish to catch at any age. It brings us back to our childhood when we first started fishing and what a thrill to catch! They are still fun to catch as an adult. Using a 3 wt fly rod with a small foam popper, makes it feel like a bass is on the end of your line. I think it’s because of their aerodynamics of their flat thin but wide body. Every Spring and early Summer I enjoy going to a lake close to me, and fishing for them with a quick release. I am a strong advocate of Catch & Release.

There are three options now available.  There is the Original Version (a black eye), the Highlighted Version (more details showing with the black enamel paint) and the fully Enamel Painted Version.  See photo gallery.

These Bluegill/Sunfish/Bream would be great in full color with an enamel painted version. Send me a photo of the variety you would like I will enamel paint it to match.

Gold orders and enamel painted earrings need a minimum of 2-3 weeks.  They are made to order.  If interested, just contact me for the current Gold price quote.

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Highlighted Version, Original Version, Enamel Painted

Weight & Dimensions

These earrings weigh approx. 5.6 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 7.6 grams in 14K Gold, The fish measures 22 x 14mm