Bluegill/Sunfish Line Dancing Bracelet

Bluegill/Sunfish Line Dancing Bracelet




This is the Bluegill/Sunfish Line Dancing Bracelet. It has three 9mm S-Handle Fly Reels with five squiggles of a mended line and two Bluegill within its pattern. This design is available with either a Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and the Yellowstone Cutthroat.

All the fish will now come with a black enameled eye.

I added all the other fish designs in the photo gallery to view.

This is also available with the painted/enameled bluegills. A sample of painted bluegills is in the photo gallery as earrings and pendant. Each will vary a little as they are hand painted. You can provide a photo, of the bluegill variety you want painted, as another option.

It’s a “lite” look compared to the my Reel & Trout bracelet design. These bent in action or jumping fish are the smaller versions that are also available as earrings, pendants and lapels. What a great compliment to the bracelet!

It is available in 14K White or Yellow Gold by special order. Need minimum of two weeks. Made to order.

This Bluegill/Sunfish <em>Line Dancing</em> Bracelet measures 7.25″ in the pattern.

I am aware there are variances of wrist measurements in all women. These bracelets range from 7″ to 7.5″
The difference is in the number of fish versus reels and mended lines. The longer 7.5″ version has 3 fish and 2 reels and 6 mended lines. The 7″ version has 2 fish and 3 reels and 5 mended lines. I can make any adjustments, if need more or less length. If interested in just fish and mended line I can do that too. Just ask and I will figure out the cost and create it.

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Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Weight and Measurements

The Bluegill bracelet weighs approx. 10.7 grams in Sterling Silver at 7.25" and approx. 14.5 grams in 14K Gold The pattern has 2 bluegills, 3 fly reels and 5 mended lines.

Painted Option

Painted, Not Painted