Bluegill/Sunfish Stud Earring

Bluegill/Sunfish Stud Earring




This is the Bluegill/Sunfish Stud Earring.

The bluegill/sunfish is one of the most popular fish.

There beauty is stunning with their variations to their colors and markings. They are a favorite fish to catch at any age. It brings us back to our childhood when we first started fishing and what a thrill to catch! They are still fun to catch as an adult. Using a 1 to a 3 wt fly rod with a foam popper, makes these bluegill think they are a mighty bass on the end of the fly line. I think it’s because of their aerodynamics of their flat thin but wide body. Every spring I enjoy going to a lake close to me, and fishing for them on their beds, with a quick release. I am a strong advocate of Catch & Release.

I am offering a half pair for those with 1 piercing.

Gold orders need min 2 weeks.

There are 3 options available.  The Original Version has a black eye.  The Highlighted version and the fully enamel painted.  Samples of all 3 options are in the photo gallery.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Dimensions and Weight

The bluegill measures 21mm x 13mm, It weighs approx. 5.3 grams in SS and approx. 7.4 grams in 14K Gold

Pair or Half Pair

Pair, Half Pair


Original Version, Highlighted Version, Enamel Painted Version