Brown Trout Stud Earrings | Large

Brown Trout Stud Earrings | Large




This is larger version of  the Brown Trout as a stud earring in Sterling Silver.  There is a smaller version available too. I added  a side-by-side picture in the photo gallery that shows the two scaled versions of the brown trout.

These larger versions of trout earrings do have some weight and size to them over the smaller versions.  If you like the bigger look and not overly concerned about the weight, then this will work for you. I have created the smaller versions for those that like smaller fish earrings and they naturally have less weight. I personally don’t have any issue wearing this size, with the weight, but a few women feel they are heavy.

There is a highlighted option available with these earrings like most pieces in the line.  In the photo gallery, I have samples to shows you what it looks like highlighted.  I use the black enamel paint over the fish to emphasize its details within the grooves of the tail and fin and the dotting spots.

They weigh approx. 8 grams in Sterling Silver.


Additional information

Weight & Dimensions

They weigh approx. 8 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 10.7 grams in 14K Gold. They measure 29mm x 22mm


Highlighted Version, Original Version