Daisy Pillars Fly Reel Pendant | 20mm

Daisy Pillars Fly Reel Pendant | 20mm




This is the unisex Daisy Pillars Fly Reel Pendant at 20mm.

Women can wear any size of jewelry, so they look great in this 20mm or the 14mm smaller version, while I always recommend 20mm for men.

The fly reel design is similar to that which was made in the 1950’s to 1960’s in Japan.  It is a unique pattern that reminds me of a “daisy” yet it has a masculine look to the design with the retro pillars on the side.

I was practicing my casting one day, at a club meeting, and a friend of mine had this similar design of a reel. That is where I got the idea.

There is a new highlighted version of this Daisy Pillars fly reel pendant. I enamel painted parts of the design in black, to enhance the unique characteristics of this design. It took on a completely different look and has that  ‘WOW’ Factor!

The option to purchase the highlighted version is on its own listing,  due to the website having limits on variations per item. You can look through the photo gallery to see the pictures.

It is available in 14K White or Yellow Gold. I can order you a gold chain if interested. Please call me at 419-535-8888 or email me at [email protected] to discuss.

Gold orders need min 2 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Leather cord or snake chain

2mm Leather Cord, 3mm Leather Cord, 3mm Braided Leather Cord, 1.6mm Silver Snake Chain, 2.5mm Silver Snake Chain, None


16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, None

Dimensions and Weights

20mm x 6.5mm, Approx. 7.1 grams in Sterling Silver, approx. 9.6 grams in 14K Gold