Double Rainbow Trout Cuff Links | Enameled

Double Rainbow Trout Cuff Links | Enameled



This is the Sterling Silver Double Rainbow Trout Cuff Links enameled.

These are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks.

Everyone loves Rainbow Trout.  It is the most popular species I sell.  These Double Rainbow Trout Cuff Links, enamel painted,  is a beautiful way to express your passion for this fish.

This has been a very popular piece as a charm or pendant, especially enamel painted on one side. I created this Double Rainbow Trout from a special order. They are solid and in full 3D with a lot of attention to detail.

I was asked by a jeweler, that loves my work, to make a pair up for a Father’s Day gift for her husband, as she loves the enameled charm. I never thought about it for cuff links, so we put it together and wow!

Imagine yourself wearing small Rainbow Trout dress shirt studs with your tuxedo.  I can help make that happen.  So many men feel that when they wear their tuxedos, at the various black tie events, that they would like to wear something unique so they don’t look like everyone else.

The enamel painted small Rainbow trout shirt studs would be the talk of the event.  Stand out and show your passion even if wearing a “penguin suit”.  Samples of the same size casting of the small Rainbows are in the photo gallery.

It is a solid well built cuff link.  As you can see it is in full 3D with two trout swimming side by side.  It weighs approx. 17 grams in Sterling Silver.

The cost to enamel paint is $150.00 for the pair.  Rainbows vary so much in markings and colors.  If you want a custom painted version from a photo, I will gladly do it for you.



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