Peacock Bass Fish-On Pendant

Peacock Bass Fish-On Pendant




This is the exotic Peacock Bass Fish-On Pendant.  Have you taken one of those “bucket list” trips to catch a Peacock Bass?  This is a great commemorative piece to honor yourself or a significant other with the catch of a lifetime.  Are you planning a trip to Brazil to catch one of these?  This can be your good luck charm!

I offer it in 2 highlighted versions and fully enamel painted.  The one version has just the black enamel paint while the other has 3 colors with  the yellow rim around the spot and the red eye along with the black.  I chose not to bother offering it without any highlights, as it just looked so boring and incomplete.  This species is so exotic that it required highlights to help identify it.

I offer it on a 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain or a smooth or braided 3mm black leather cord or you can purchase it without any.

It is available in 14K White or Yellow Gold.  All Gold pieces are made to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks.  If ordering in gold, let me know if you want the all black highlights instead of the offering at 3 color highlights.  If want it enamel painted, it adds $45.00.  You can  email me at [email protected] (I maxed out on variations).



Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Chain or Cord Options

No chain, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, 3mm Black Smooth Leather Cord, 3mm Black Braided Leather Cord


Black Highlights, Three Color Highlights (Black, Yellow & Red), Enamel Painted


None, 16", 18", 20", 22", 24

Weight & Dimensions

The peacock bass measures 38mm which is about 1.5" long. It weighs on the average 9.3 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 12.8 grams in 14K Gold