Rainbow Trout Lapel/Tie Tack

Rainbow Trout Lapel/Tie Tack




( The featured photo is of the stud earrings)  A new photo will be up soon of the original version of this Rainbow trout lapel.

This little rainbow trout is a great addition to your tie tack or lapel collection.  It’s a perfect size for hats, shirt collars, fishing vest or even as a tie tack. It’s the same casting I use for the smaller version earrings and in the “Line Dancing” Bracelets.

It measures 17mm x 16mm

The trout weighs approx. 2.3 gr. in Sterling Silver and approx. 3.2 gr. in 14K Gold

Gold orders will need min. 2 weeks.

There is a highlighted version available now. I enamel painted with black to bring out the highlights of this species. The option is here.

Add color and life to your Rainbow with an enameled painted version. It cost just $50 extra. It’s all hand enamel painted by me.

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Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold


Fully Enamel Painted, Highlighted Version, Original Plain Version