Rainbow Trout Skin Dangle Fly Reel Earrings | Enameled | Celestial

Rainbow Trout Skin Dangle Fly Reel Earrings | Enameled | Celestial



This is the hand enamel painted Rainbow Trout Skin on the Celestial Fly Reel Earring in 14mm.

It is One-of-A-Kind and done on Sterling Silver. As each one is sold I will repaint another version and replace the photo. Each one I do will have it’s subtle difference, yet I can also custom paint to your request.

Wear your passion! Add Color to your Life!

This unique artistic rendition, takes the art of fly fishing jewelry to the next level.

Each piece is meticulously hand painted by myself. There are many colors available and custom work is also welcome.

All work is guaranteed. I use a unique painting technique and a special top sealant coat that adds toughness to the piece. No special care is required, yet with any enamel painted piece, it’s best to treat it with care and respect. It is not meant to be worn 24/7 and to put it away, in the pouch provided, when not wearing it, for protection and longevity of wear.

Custom and special order work available. Call me at 419-535-8888 or email me at [email protected]

These Celestial earrings weigh approx. 6.6 grams in Sterling Silver and 14mm in diameter with a depth of 4mm.

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Sterling Silver