Reel & Trout Link Bracelet | Larger Trout

Reel & Trout Link Bracelet | Larger Trout




These Reel & Trout bracelets are so comfortable!  You can feel the quality in the weight of it.

There is another version of this Reel-N-Trout Bracelet using a full 3D trout that is smaller than these and measure about 33mm each compared to these trout at 41-44mm each.  A photo of the two side by side is in the photo gallery.  It is available on its own listing.

It is a solid well constructed piece of jewelry that alternates with a 9mm or 14mm S- Handle fly reel and a trout  (41-44mm).
The fish I use are the same ones I use in the Fish-On pendants, yet were slightly bent in the wax to create the necessary curvature to wrap around your wrist.  As you know all the fish in my line are hand carved in wax and a mold is then made. These trout have all their unique characteristics unique to their species. The 4 main varieties of Trout are Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Yellowstone Cutthroat.

I created 2 scaled versions. There is a 9mm or 14mm S-Handle fly reel option. The issue is your size of wrist and choosing the one that fits best.

It is a unisex bracelet and only varies by length.  Details on the Additional information tab.

The ladies bracelet has 3 trout (Brook, Brown and Rainbow,) yet you can substitute one for a Yellowstone Cutthroat.  Just request it when ordering.  You can also have it in just one species, like all Rainbows if you so desire.  The gents bracelet  has 4 trout (Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Yellowstone Cutthroat ) due to longer length.

Please allow 2- 3 weeks to create.

All bracelets are available in 14K White or Yellow Gold and orders need 2-3 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold


14mm Reel-Ladies is 7.75 inches and weighs approx. 28.8 gr in Sterling Silver 14mm Reel- Gents is 9.25 inches and weighs approx. 34 gr. in Sterling Silver

Size of Reels

9mm Reels -Ladies – 7.5", 9mm Reels-Gents – 9", 14mm Reels – Ladies – 7.75", 14mm Reels – Gents – 9.25"