S-Handle Fly Reel Lapel-Tie Tack | 9mm

S-Handle Fly Reel Lapel-Tie Tack | 9mm


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This is the 9mm S-Handle Fly Reel Lapel Pin or Tie Tack.  It is a versatile piece of jewelry for men and women.  It looks great on a shirt, hat, polar fleece vest or jackets. It is 9mm x 5mm.

It weighs approx. 1.1 gr. in Sterling Silver and approx. 1.5 gr. in 14K Gold.

The other option is the highlighted version.  I use the black enamel paint over the S Handle and the outer rim crevice on the front dial.  It adds more definition to the design by showing contrast.

A sample of the highlighted version is in the photo gallery as an earring as its the same casting just a different backing.

Gold orders need min. of 2 weeks.

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Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Dimensions and Weight

9mm x 5mm, approx. 1.1 gr in sterling silver and approx. 1.5 gr in gold

Highlighted option

Highlighted version, Original Version