S-Handle Fly Reel Stud Earrings | 9mm

S-Handle Fly Reel Stud Earrings | 9mm




This is the 9mm S-Handle Fly Reel Stud Earring. It is also available as a 9mm or 14mm dangle earring.

Women tell me they love these earrings and it is a “staple” earring in their wardrobe. These earrings look great paired off with the matching  S-Handle fly reel pendant.

I also am offering it as a single stud earring for the men.

This same casting, of this 9mm S-Handle Fly Reel, is also available as a lapel pin. You can wear it in your hat or on your shirt/vest.

The highlighted option is also available here.  I use the black enamel paint on the handle and the circle rim to add more detail to it’s characteristics.  The option to buy it is here and the photos of it are in the photo gallery here. It only adds $15 for the highlights.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold

Weight & Dimensions

9mm x 5mm, Approx. 2.1 grams in SS and approx. 2.95 grams in 14K Gold

Pair/Half Pair

Pair, Half Pair

Highlighted Option

Highlighted Version, Original Version