Spokes Fly Reel Cuff Links

Spokes Fly Reel Cuff Links


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These Spokes Fly Reel Cuff Links would look awesome on a french cuff dress shirt.

The classic angular lines have a very masculine feel. They resemble a popular fly reel out in the industry yet I see a bicycle spoke in the design, hence it’s name.

They are 17mm x 6mm which is the favorite scale for cuff links.

They would look great with the 9mm or 14mm matching lapel or tie tack.

They weigh approx. 10.7 grams in Sterling Silver, and approx. 14.4 grams in Gold.

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Non-Tarnish Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold


17mm x 6mm


Average 10.7 gr. in Sterling Silver and approx. 14.4 gr. in Gold