Spokes Fly Reel Dangles | 9mm | Highlighted

Spokes Fly Reel Dangles | 9mm | Highlighted



These are the Highlighted Spokes Fly Reel Dangles in Sterling Silver.

They have  a realistic 3-D view from all angles.  They remind me of a bicycle spoke, hence it’s name, Spokes. They are very open and airy yet have a nice weight in the quality of construction.

This Spokes Fly reel is 9mm and weigh approx. 2.1 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 2.9 grams in 14K Gold. Looks great with the matching Spokes Fly Reel Pendant at 9mm, 14mm or 20mm! There is also a fly reel charm.

To create the highlights, I use black enamel and paint certain parts of the fly reel to give it a bit more character by adding contrast. You can see the various photos in the photo gallery here.

Gold orders need a minimum of 2-3 weeks as they are made to order.  If interested, just contact me for the current Gold price quote.