Steely Head Lapel/Tie Tack

Steely Head Lapel/Tie Tack




This Steely Head Lapel or Tie Tack would be a great addition to any collection.  It is the same casting mold I use in the Steely Heads and Tails Earring Collection.

The post on this lapel or tie tack is the same and it works well as either. It’s like two pieces of jewelry in one. You can wear it on your hat, your shirt collar, shirt pocket or even as a tie tack.

The highlighted option is also available.  I use the black enamel paint over the head to get in all the grooves to emphasize the details.  It adds a lot of dimension to the piece.  It only cost $10 more.

As with most of my line, I can enamel paint this Steely Head for an additional $65.  If you have a photo of a steelhead you want me to recreate , I can do that. I know they vary a lot in the colorations.  I would need about 2 weeks to complete.  You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 419-535-8888 to discuss. A pair of earrings are in the photo gallery of a pair that is fully enamel painted.

This Steely Head lapel or tie tack weighs approx. 3.3 gr. in Sterling Silver and approx. 4.5 gr. in Gold

Gold orders need min. 2 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold


Highlighted version, Original version, Fully Enamel Painted

Dimensions and Weights

20mm x 12mm, Approx. 3.3 grams in SS and approx. 4.6 grams in 14K Gold