Tippet Spools | Large Version

Tippet Spools | Large Version




This larger version of the Tippet Spools Charm has been a design in the making for a longtime.  It finally manifested!  It is a stack of 4 tippet spools, representing 4x-5x-6x-7x.  It is engraved with 4x TIPPET on one end and 7x TIPPET on the other end for a little more character.  For even more character and design, I show the elastic band loops and placed them randomly around the whole charm.

This larger scaled version is available alone or on the 5mm braided bolo leather bracelet, similar look to the trout bead I named, Brownie Bracelet.  It has heavy duty Sterling Silver end caps with a large lobster claw for added durability.  This also looks great as a bold pendant, yet it is on it’s own listing.  This is a great bracelet for the men and for the gal that likes the larger look.

I also created this same Tippet Spools Charm in a much smaller version at 9mm.  Men favor this larger tippet spool for bracelet and pendant.

It is a solid piece, not hollow, so this makes it very durable.

14K Gold charms are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver


Charm only, 7", 8", 9", 10"

Weights & Dimensions

This larger tippet spools stacked charm weighs approx. 7.4 grams in Sterling Silver and approx. 10 grams in 14K Gold, It measures 13.8mm in width (just the main base not including the elastic loops) x 7.2mm thick
The center hole is 5.8mm wide.