Walleye Jumping Fish Pendant | Concealed bale

Walleye Jumping Fish Pendant | Concealed bale




This is the Walleye Jumping Fish Pendant with the concealed bale.

I live in the Midwest and this is the most popular fish caught in my area, due to Lake Erie being so close to me. I used to fish for them in the early 80’s when they would run through the Maumee River in the early Spring. I know most are caught with spinning and bait casting rods, but I know in the right circumstance you can catch them with a streamer.  I have caught walleye on a streamer in shallow lakes in Northern Ontario while targeting Pike.

Wearing this pendant is a fun way of expressing your passion for walleye fishing.

You can commemorate your special catch or wear it as a good luck charm.


Gold orders will need min. 2 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Cord or Chain

None, 2mm Leather Cord, 3mm Leather Cord, 3mm Braided Leather Cord, 1.6mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, 1.3mm Sterling Silver Round Wheat Chain, 1.5mm Sterling Silver Round Box Chain


None, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches

Weight & Measurements

It measures 26mm x 21mm and weighs approx. 5.5 gr. in SS and approx. 7.7 gr. in 14K Gold