Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Reel-N-Fish Pendant | Small

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Reel-N-Fish Pendant | Small




This is the popular Reel-N-Fish Pendant with a small Yellowstone Cutthroat.  It is the same fish casting I use in the earrings.  The original design was with the larger scaled version of the Yellowstone Cutthroat, yet now I offer both, a larger and a smaller sized trout in each species.

It has a 9mm S-Handle Fly Reel that has the fly line going  upward from the reel and creating a 3 wire coil wrap for the bale and then dropping down with a small version of a  Yellowstone Cutthroat.

It is available to purchase without a chain if you care to use your own.  It looks great with 3mm smooth or braided black leather cord or even on a 2.5mm Snake chain.

The other option is the highlighted version.  I use the black enamel paint and paint the fly reel handle black and the outer circle rim and the fish gets highlighted too with the paint getting into the grooves of the details within the carvings to bring out more of it’s characteristics.  I feel the piece gets far more dramatic and brings it to life.  It only cost $15 more for the highlighting.

All work is guaranteed.

This would also look great with the fish hand enamel painted. I can enamel paint the fish in realistic color rendition to match a photo and even the fly reel can be highlighted.

The cost to fully paint the fish and the fly reel highlights would add $60 (The fish is $50 and the reels are $10)  Call me to order and discuss.

Gold orders need a min. 2-3 weeks. Call me at 419-535-8888 or email me at [email protected] to discuss current gold chain prices.

This Reel-N-Fish Pendant design is available in various trout and bass and larger trout versions.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

Weights and Measurements

This pendant weighs approx. 3.9 gram in Sterling Silver and approx. 5.3 grams in 14K Gold. It measures approx. 1.25" in length.

Cord or Chain Options

None, 3mm Black Leather Cord, 3mm Black Braided Leather Cord, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain


None, 16", 18", 20"

Highlighted or Original Version

Highlighted Version, Original Version