S-Handle Fly Reel Pendant in Two-Tone | SS/14KYG |14mm

S-Handle Fly Reel Pendant in Two-Tone | SS/14KYG |14mm




This is the 14mm S-Handle Fly Reel Pendant in two-tone with the reel in Sterling Silver and the “S” Handle in solid 14K Yellow Gold. This is my #1 selling pendant at the trade shows! The women love this classy piece of jewelry and it is favored on the snake chain for more security.

For scale reference a dime measures 18mm and this is 14mm, yet with the dimensionality it appears bigger.

It has a traditional-realistic look and is a little deeper in depth than the other fly reel designs in my collection.

This one is 5.2mm in depth while most the others are 4mm deep. It adds more dimension and weight.  The design of this reel also shows the look of fly line on the spool, as most of my fly reel pendant styles do.

This two-tone design is available in the 16mm and 20mm versions also. Click on the 16mm or 20mm scaled version for details.

It is available in all 14K Yellow or White Gold, please allow min 2 weeks. Gold chains are available, please email or call me to discuss. All gold versions are sold without a chain,unless you call to make other arrangements.

Additional information


Two Tone (Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold), 14K White Gold Reel and 14K Yellow Gold Handle, 14K Yellow Gold Reel and 14K White Gold Handle

Weight and Dimensions

It weighs approx. 3.2 grams in its SS and approx. 4.4 grams in the 14K version. It measures 14mm wide and 5.2mm thick.

Cord or Chain

2mm leather cord, 1.6mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, 1.2mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, None


16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, None