Steely Heads and Tails Stud Earrings

Steely Heads and Tails Stud Earrings




This is the Steely Heads and Tails Stud Earring.  This new version comes highlighted as it looks and sells the best.

You can be daring and unique while wearing these earrings with a  “Head” in one ear and a “Tail” in the other.  It makes it look like you have a Steelhead right through your head!

Although if you are not as daring, you can order just the “Heads” or just the “Tails”. It’s a great pair of earrings however you wear it!

The men who want just one earring, I have it for you! They are available individually.

Gold orders need min 2 weeks.

Additional information


Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold


20mm x 12mm Steely Heads and 18mm x 17mm Steely Tails


6.4 gr in Mix and Match version in Sterling Silver; 5.8 gr in Steely Tails and 7 gr in Steely Heads Gold versions weigh approx. 8.4 gr Mixed, 7.6 gr Tails, 9.2 gr Heads

Mix and Match Options

Pair of Steely Heads, Pair of Steely Tails, Mixed pair of Steely Heads and Tails, One Steely Head (Half Pair), One Steely Tail (Half Pair)


Highlighted Version, Enamel Painted